There are no Responsible Cafes near where I live/work...

Most of our collaborating cafes are on board because of people like you, the regulars, starting the conversation and inspiring them to get on board. Get chatting!

Does the Responsible Cafes discount still apply to hot chocolates?

Of course! Our discounts apply to all drinks that are served in a takeaway cup - Yes that means milkshakes and smoothies too! Watch out for those straws! Always request to sip not suck!

What can I do if I'm a customer who wants to convert my local cafe?

If you are interested in ushering in the #reuserevolution we suggest taking your BYO cup to your favourite local cafes and asking them if they offer discounts for reusable cups. If not, tell them about Responsible Cafes and the growing trend. There are many benefits for their business, including reduced costs in purchasing takeaway cups and promotion amongst a conscious group on our social media and map. Tell them why you as a customer would prefer to shop at a Responsible Cafe and direct them to our website responsiblecafes.org for more information and to register. Download our volunteer information sheet here for more information. 

I'm a café on the program, how do I receive the poster to display in my café?

You can download your poster from here.

How do I make my Responsible Barista happy?

We suggest the following to make the transition smooth and creamy.

  • Bring your cup (and lid)
  • Write your coffee order on your cup (or use a post it note - as many cafes write on lids regardless!)
  • Make sure your cup is clean!! Most baristas don't mind cleaning the odd one but if it's all of them it will massively delay their process and annoy them!

What reusable cups do you recommend for a cafe to stock?

We love all sorts of reusable cups, from your fun and colourful Keep Cups, stainless steel Cheeki's, stylin' Frank Green's, glass n classy local Sol Cups, strong-as Kleen Kanteen's, sexy Joco's and your old school office Magyver mug! What about you? Share a snap of you and your favourite mug with the #responsiblecafes and #mugshot and let us know!


NEWS JUST IN! The mug movement is expanding and there are some amazing bamboo reusables and clay creations being made in Australia. We are also planning to hold DIY BYO mug workshops at markets in 2018 so stay posted by signing up to our newsletter!

What do I do if I know a 'HAS  Bean' - i.e. a cafe that is no longer a Responsible Cafe OR whose details are incorrect?

Let us know! Please email us at hello@responsiblecafes.org with the details of the cafe - their name, location and what's happening and we'll see if we can roast them back to happiness.

My cafe refused to take my reusable cup/container due to 'health and safety' reasons.

We are unaware of any regulation or provision preventing the use of reusable containers at food venues. There is no provision under the Victorian Food Act 1984 (the Act) or the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) that prevents a customer from using their own container for storage of food purchased. If a business has a policy to not accept customer containers for the storage of food purchased, then that is a business decision rather than a restraint due to legislation.

Tammy from Gippsland Unwrapped;
"If they genuinely seem to disagree, then I will suggest they check with the Food Safety Unit at the Department of Health and Human Services. Otherwise, I’ll ask that the business owns up to rejecting this environmentally friendly practice as its own business decision, not as something that has been forced upon them."

Can a Cafe REally be called responsible if all they are doing is bringing in a small discount for coffee cups?

Our goal is to change the game on single-use waste by nurturing a culture of reuse. We've chosen to target a specific item, takeaway cups, to strengthen our impact. We believe in incremental change and if a business chooses to incentivise BYO cups they are showing that they want to be part of the growing trend towards reuse. Promoting a discount is start but there are so many other aspects of their business they can transform - e.g. plastic bags, straws, bottled water, composting food waste, using renewable energy, you name it!


What can my council do to help support Responsible Cafes?

We currently partner with over 25 councils across Australia. Check out our council page for more information and get in contact with us at hello@responsiblecafes.org

I have a media and press related enquiry.

We'd love to collaborate with you! 

If we didn't answer your question here please contact us at hello@responsiblecafes.org

We are a volunteer-run organisation so please forgive us if our responses aren't as fast as your next morning coffee!