Team up with Responsible Cafes for the tools and platform to communicate to cafes, promote sustainable businesses, and change the paradigm on coffee cup waste.


Key benefits for councils

  • Educational resource for positive behavioural change addressing an identified waste gap to complement existing sustainability programs
  • Reduce litter and landfill, cutting long-term waste collection costs.
  • Reduce carbon, water, paper, and oil footprint in your LGA
  • Media and publicity opportunities for councils and cafes
  • Optional use of 1.8m-tall giant disposable cup for events or display
  • Build community pride and public awareness of waste and litter
  • Partnership with a national not-for-profit organisation with demonstrated social and environmental outcomes


Key benefits for cafes

  • Simple online registration process with downloadable poster
  • Inclusion on searchable, mobile-responsible map of participating cafes
  • Opportunity to provide a fun photo for promotion on our website, social media, and media
  • Capture latent income stream by attracting environmentally-aware customers and selling reusable cups
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce ecological and waste footprint
  • Cost savings through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures
  • Activate cafe culture and community pride